Long time no see!

So I’ve been incredibly remiss in updating the blog, but like I said in a previous post, things get busy! 
I’m finally finished with my degree and now just have exciting things to look forward to. I’m working at Glastonbury at the end of this month and it’ll be my first festival! Well, first major festival. I’ve done the odd day pass at festivals but never ones as big as Glasto, and I’ve never camped at them. 
My best friend, Jaime, and I are only back two days before we jet off to France and start our long walk to El Camino de Santiago.

We’re busy working up money and getting our packs filled and organised so there’s not been much time for sewing. However, I have two projects completed since my last blog, so I’ll put those up before I leave the country!

If you want to keep up with my travels once I go, head over to my travel blog here.


Crop top

So this project is slightly late (I started this nearly two weeks ago!), but I’m finding that as Uni gets closer and closer to finishing, and I have more and more deadlines, that squeezing in any sewing is getting a bit tricky. I’m not the best when it comes to time management of spare time as it is, so with important assignments due, everything else falls away.

But this one is something I’ll be trying again soon, because it’s a mock up of part of my costume for the show I’m a part of in May. I’m playing Erma in Cole Porter’s Anything Goes, and I get a solo (yay!), and for my solo I’ll be wearing cute high waisted shorts with buttons up the front, and to go with it I want to have a crop top. Continue reading “Crop top”

Yes yes I know, another skirt!

Spring has sprung!

Well, for about 3 days and it’s gone back to being dark and gloomy. But the sudden onset of sun and the ‘dils and crocuses peeping through the dirt made me feel fresh, so it was time for a fresh style.

I’ve always like the idea of a circle skirt, but the ones you get in high street shops are always horrendously short on my 5’10” body so tend to shy away from them. Also, I never think I have the legs for them. Shop dressing rooms have bewitched mirrors that make you look better, but I’m always bitterly disappointed when I get home with my purchase. There’s also a fashion for slightly longer circle skirts at the moment too, but I have wide calves and always think they just make them look wider. Continue reading “Yes yes I know, another skirt!”

Skirting around the edge (geddit?!)

It’s finally done! After much huffing and puffing, the tie-back skirt is at last done.

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, and each of the steps is relatively simple. Unfortunately, the hardest part is the technique I’ve never done before: pleats. Even more unfortunate is that the pattern instructions offer little help for someone who’s a compleat novice (ooh another pun!) Continue reading “Skirting around the edge (geddit?!)”

Project postponed

Due to me falling out with my pattern (and my figure) I have had to completely ditch the 4 hours work I made on my skirt.

Fortunately I hadn’t actually got further than the first step, so it wasn’t too much work down the drain. But I’m feeling overwhelmed by this one and due to cutting the wrong size and instructions that are, to the amateur seamstress, clear as mud, I have abandoned this attempt.

Unfortunately this means I have to buy more fabric. And stick pieces of paper back on to my pattern to cut out a larger size (hence the falling out with my figure).

So I’ve put the fabric in the naughty corner (aka the bin!) and I’m going to bed feeling pretty deflated and emotional.

Think I should go to sleep.

Next up, straight from the magazine!

Now that I’ve made a couple of things using patterns I found on the internet, at the weekend I thought I’d pick up a sewing magazine and see if I can make something from it.

Now, I’ve not watched the latest series of The Great British Sewing Bee yet, but I find my eye was instantly drawn to Love Sewing Issue 10 because it had it right on the front cover. Well, I saw judge Patrick Grant’s face and that’s what drew me in!


Love Sewing Free Tieback/Wiggle in Issue 10. Image courtesy of Love Sewing

What also lured me to by the £6.99(!) mag was the free stuff. Typical student! The magazine comes with the full pattern and instructions for a tieback/wiggle skirt, as well as plenty of little projects, some of which use a fat quarter that you also get with the issue.

So I just need to get the fabric, and that’s going to be my next make. I love the idea of making lots of skirts, but rarely actually do it because I don’t wear them very often. But, now that I’m making some it’s a good excuse to start doing so.

Talking with my mum, I also want to try making pyjama trousers in the near future, so watch this space and in the next couple of weeks hopefully I’ll have a nice comfy pair of PJs to show you!

Harper Blouse and hem heaven!

Today I achieved the amazing. No seriously, I managed to do something I thought would take me ages. I have completed a near-perfect hem. I’ve hemmed quite a few things in my sewing life, and it’s probably the one thing I dread with every item of clothing, except perhaps armholes. Armholes are the work of the devil!

But look! Pretty neat right? For me, this is like winning a gold medal, and not just for participation!


Rolled hem – without the special foot!

Okay, so I know it’s not perfect, but I’m so bloomin’ proud of myself. Continue reading “Harper Blouse and hem heaven!”

30 minute skirt

Today was the day of my first make! It turned out surprisingly well, although I do have a couple of asides with this:

It didn’t take me 30 minutes. But that is not because the tutorial I followed lied. It’s a fantastic tutorial and includes lots of helpful tips and advice to make sure the skirt is of a great quality, I couldn’t fault it. There are many reasons it took me longer than the time it says:

  1. because it’s my first make, I wanted to be really thorough and not mess up, this meant I took extra time and care over stuff.
  2. I kept messing stuff up. Even though I was being really careful, things kept going wrong, which I’ve shown in the photos.
  3. I stopped a couple of times to help my dad with some cupboard building.

Continue reading “30 minute skirt”